Thursday, September 15, 2011


So on July 30th, we left for Big Sky, Montana. Dave's parents rented out a cabin so the whole fam damily could get away and have a nice little family vacation. It took us about 7 hours to get thereKassidy and Kruz did pretty good on the way there and back.The weather was pretty nice when we got there but it rained half the days we were there. We unpacked, had dinner and then we went in the hot tub. The next few days we went to Hebgen Lake and fished and let the kids play in the water and mud. Can't remember what order we did things in but we went to Yellowstone National park a few days, went white water rafting, went shopping. It was such a nice break!!! It was sooo nice to not stress about work. The cabin was big and beautiful... I want one now LOL. We saw soo much wildlife in Yellowstone and outside of Yellowstone, it was awesome!!! The one thing I wanted to see while we were there was a bear.... and guess what???? I saw 2 :). One was in the park and the other one was in a meadow thing on the side of the road that we saw while driving home. We left on Saturday Aug. 6th, and it sucked coming home LOL. I would love to live in a cabin up there one day.


So I have been sucking at this blogging thing since I have had Kassidy. I am going to do a few posts from things that have happened the past 3 1/2 months. We will start with Kruz's 7th birthday.

Kruz decided that he wanted to have another water party this year, so we had one at our house in the backyard. He wanted it to be pirate themed so my mom and aunt brought a couple fun things that were pirate themed and played some pirate games. Kruz wanted me to make some cuppy cakes this year instead of having a cake from costco.... so we had fun making those together.

It was just a small party this year, only invited family and a few close friends. Of course that didn't stop Kruz from getting spoiled. He got TONS of legos, school stuff, DS games, a stereo and a few other things that I can't remember. All the kids had a blast playing in the little pool, slip-n-slide and water guns. I can't believe my little guy is already 7 and in second grade. He is such a big helper and just loves his little sister!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

More pics

Dad and Kass had too much fun in the sun and had to take a nap in the trailer

I had to give her a mohawk since it was greasy from the sunscreen

Like I said, she ADORES her Kruz

Playin outside

I think she is thinkin.... CAMPING IS SOOO MUCH FUN YAYYYY!!!!

Pics I haven't posted

Kassidy in her exersaucer up camping
Kruz got Tron for Easter

Cute little bunny Kass

Looking at her Easter basket

Saturday, May 21, 2011


So I have been slackin BIG TIME on bloggin!!! That's what happens when you have a baby and a house that you are fixing up lol. A LOT has been going on since my last post in December. We had a great Christmas and it was fun watching Kassidy open her presents. Next thing that happened was I turned 26 in February :(. Dave got my windows on my Jeep tinted and got me a blingin set of Rock Star wheels :). Next came March and Dave and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary.... I know what you are all thinking and yes it has already been a year!!!! For our anniversary since I had already gotten the weekend off we decided to take a little family vacation and head down to St. George to visit Dave's grandparents, they had not seen Kassidy yet and we wanted them to see her while she was still little.Dave got me a Kindle for our anniversary and took me to The Cheesecake Factory when we got home from St. George. It was the first time either of us had been there and it was AWESOME!!!

Let's see... April we had Easter and that was fun since it was Kassidy's first, it sucked in a way though because we did not have Kruz that day. At the beginning of May we decided for Dave's birthday and Mother's Day we would head down to Vernon and do some camping... it was SOOOO much fun!!!! It was nice and sunny and the kids were able to play outside and get dirty the whole weekend. Kruz had fun with his cousins climbing the trees and chasing after lizards while Kassidy crawled around in the dirt and played in her excersaucer(thanks Erika)!!! We are planning another camping trip from the 25th of May to the 30th :), so hopefully the weather is nice, cause I have to work on my tan.

An update on Kruz... he is almost done with 1st grade, and he is one of the smartest kids in his class!!! His birthday is coming up on July 14th and he will be 7 years old... time flies. He is currently having a hard time adjusting to changes that have occured in his life. His real dad joined the Air Force and left on May 17th. Kruz was able to spend the weekend before that with him, but it has been really hard on him. Nikk will be in basic training for 6 weeks and can't really talk that much, then he will be going to some kind of tech school for 9 weeks. After that they will figure out where he will be stationed, which will be somewhere out of state since he requested it. So he will probably only get to see Kruz during the Summer time. He will get him half of his summer vacation. I just hope that Nikk will call Kruz as often as he can and that he writes him letters. Kruz is a GREAT helper, he loves to play with Kass and is sooo excited when she does something new.

Now for Kassidy's update.... She is going to be 9 months in a week, like I said time flies!!! I don't have her stats at the moment, but she is tall and skinny for her age. She started sitting at 5 months, then just took off with all her developmental stuff. She was crawling at 6 1/2 months, got her first 2 teeth at the same time, at 8 months she pulled herself up to stand, and now the little stinker likes to try and stand up without holding on to anything. She loves to shake her head and knows it means "No No", she claps when you say "yay", and waves bye bye when someone walks away from her. She is a big time momma's girl, but she also LOVES to play with daddy and has him wrapped around her finger. She is infatuated with her bubba Kruz. Her favorite dog is Roxsie, but she likes Harlies tail. She still wakes up one time in the night, but is starting to get better. She loves eating baby food, but if you are eating by her she will not eat her food because she will want yours.

Now for me and Dave.... ugh where to begin LMAO!!!! Dave and I are doing good, except for the fact that we rarely see each other because after work he goes over to the house and works on it most the night. He will come home, eat dinner and just wanna relax, then it's off to bed an hour later. Since he is soo stressed about getting the house done and working all day at Uhaul and I am stressed because I have to work, and take care of the kids, cook and clean the house, we are both grumpy and we have been butting heads about every little thing, it SUCKS!!! I really hope that when the house is done, we can go back to being happy and not argue because of all the stress. Dave has done a great job on the house though.... he has done almost everything by himself, except for framing the kids rooms. The kids rooms are done, the bathroom is almost done, we just have to put in the toilet and the vanity, it looks awesome though!!! Dave has never tiled before and taught himself by looking online, and our bathroom floors and the tub surrounding looks like a pro did it. We are almost done, there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all LOL. When we first started it felt like we were never going to be done because Dave has wanted to do all the work himself and not ask for help... but all his hard work has really paid off and now he can look at our house and feel good that he did it all. :). Well hopefully I can start posting more regularly, but no promises :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas parties galore!!!!

Kassidy on Santa's lap
Kruz on Santa's lap

This is how they looked to go get pics with Santa.... so cute so I had to take pics

Kruz's Gingerbread house

So on Saturday Dec. 18th my family had our annual Christmas party... it was a little different this year because my aunt Tina and mom threw the party because my grandpa was in Arizona with my aunt julie who just had a double mastectomy(she has breast cancer and had them removed). The party was a blast, we ate yummy food, played lots of fun games, and Santa came to give the little ones a toy. Kassidy was great with her first Santa experience, and Kruz was ecstatic he was there. Then on Dec. 19th my mom had her gingerbread house making party. Before we went to my mom's house we decided to stop by the mall to get the kids picture taken with Santa... we stood in line for 20 mins and of course Santa decided to take his hour long lunch right then, so we are going back on Thursday. Kruz wasn't feeling too great, but he still had fun making his gingerbread house.... which turned out awesome!!!!

At 4:00 AM on Monday morning Kruz woke me up with a sore throat and a fever of 103.9, so we waited for his doc office to open and got him right in. Guess what he has.... INFLUENZA A. Guess what else... it is HIGHLY contagious AND they cannot give Kassidy the shot because she is too young. They did however make me get the shot... but I think it was too late because I am really sick this morning and Kassidy has a fever and a cough so I think all of us have influenza now. Since it is a virus there is nothing they can do for it... so please, keep your fingers crossed that all of us get better for the holidays. The docs did say that it is not contagious though if you don't have a fever.

We bought a house!!!!

Well as of last Thursday Dec. 9th, we are home owner's :). We have been looking for house since September and found a few that we put offers in on, but they either denied the offer or they took to long to long to let us know. We found this amazing deal on a house that was not a short sale and looked at it back in the middle of November. We loved it and so did Kruz, so we put an offer in on it and they accepted it. It is located around 2700 W. 5600 S. It was owned by old people so there is wall paper over EVERYTHING!!! It is in pretty good condition... just needs to be updated. We started peeling off wall paper over the weekend, and luckily we bought a steamer to do it, because that thing is AMAZING!!! We still have to build 2 walls, put in new floors and carpets, paint and then it will look how we want it to look :). I am soooo excited. oh and the best part about it..... it is sitting on a quarter acre, so the backyard is huge!!Kruz is sooo excited to have a yard that he can play in and not worry about dog poop(we are going to build them a dog run). We still have lots of work to do.... but it is sooo exciting!!!!